Keep Smiling

Summer has come and gone. We enjoyed camping, swimming, boating and spending time together. All of Wyatt’s favorite things. It went fast but we enjoyed every minute. As we get back into our routine and slow down, we are also faced with the reality of Wyatt’s disease, progression. Our hearts break as we watch his body break down before our eyes. His everyday activities have become more difficult for him. At school, he uses a wheelchair the majority of the day. At home we carry him wherever he wants to go. His speech is becoming slurred, especially when he is tired. That makes it very difficult for us to understand him. And his left hand seems to not want to work, as it stays clenched the majority of the time. We have learned that he has restricted lung disease. And recently think he may have had an absent seizure at school. All of this within 3 months. He never complains, he never gives up, and he never stops smiling. This kid is amazing!

We have several tests and appointments coming up in the month of September. Please keep us in your prayers, as this journey is getting harder.

“Sometimes you have to let go of the picture of what you thought life would be like &

learn to find joy in the story you’re living.”