Wyatt will never get the opportunity to play on a sports team with his friends or experience a pick up game with the neighbor kids. But he has his own sports, which is also his therapy. Each week, Wyatt goes to HETRA and does horse therapy with Waldo and his therapist for 30 minutes. This therapy helps Wyatt with balance, coordination and muscle strength, 3 things he lacks due to his mitochondrial disease. It also gives him a sense of belonging and accomplishment. It is amazing to watch a seven year old move a 1000 pound animal around the arena with grace and pride. HETRA is an outstanding facility and program.

He also does swim lessons every Saturday for 30 minutes. Not only is it a necessary skill, but it is so great for his little body. With the warm water temperature and buoyancy, he can safely build coordination and muscle.

Every little bit of therapy helps Wyatt. The fact that he has fun doing it, makes it even better.