His Story

Wyatt Beiermann is a seven-year-old little boy battling mitochondrial disease. He is in 1st grade and loves school, especially math! A few of his favorite things include country music, basketball, his sister, Dani, their dog, Cali, and hugs from his mom and dad!

Wyatt was born on November 2nd, 2011. His parents, Kim and Doug, were thrilled! Everything was normal at first but around age two, he started having strange, unexplained symptoms. Through numerous visits with neurologists and genetics doctors, Wyatt was diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease in March 2017.

Wyatt is now in first grade and uses a walker. He struggles with vision and balance, but he is very resilient! If he falls down, he gets right back up. He loves to learn and play just like any other first grader!

Since the diagnosis, the Beiermann’s are passionate about giving Wyatt the best life possible before the condition progresses. They want to take him to see the mountains, play in the ocean, and have amazing experiences together as a family while they can!

About Mitochondrial Disease

Mitochondrial disease is an inherited chronic illness that can be present at birth or develop later in life. It causes debilitating physical, developmental, and cognitive disabilities with symptoms including poor growth; loss of muscle coordination; muscle weakness and pain; seizures; vision and/or hearing loss; gastrointestinal issues; learning disabilities; and organ failure.  It is estimated that 1 in 4,000 people has Mito. It’s progressive and there is no cure.

Wyatt's current symptoms include fatigue, vision problems, slow speech, balance, and wide gait. The disease is progressive but the rate is not known. Treatment includes vitamin therapy, energy conservation, paced activities, maintaining environmental temperature, avoiding illness, and proper nutrition.

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